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For more than 30 years the Department has been training specialists, who are able to solve tasks of mathematical support and software development for complex systems and technologies. At present time the Department provides Bachelor and Master program courses in “Mathematical Cybernetics” within specializations 010302 “Applied Mathematics and Informatics” and 010404 "Applied Mathematics" respectively, on completion of which the graduates should be able to develop mathematical support and software for simulation systems, to monitor and control systems for nuclear power facilities, aerospace facilities; to design protected analytical intelligent systems and geoinformation systems, banking support systems and software for system integration.

Our students get essential education. The education program includes:

  • advanced methods of automatic control theory;
  • methods of development and implementation of mathematical models of complex systems;
  • modern technologies of software development, applied and system programming languages;
  • hardware development;
  • programming methods for parallel computing systems;
  • design methodologies for databases, analytical intelligent systems and geoinformation systems, etc.;
  • discrete mathematics, techniques of digital signal and images processing;
  • numerical methods, mathematical programming techniques, optimization methods, and game theory.

High level of mathematics, professional skill in hardware and software, computing technologies expertise form the basis of four study programs.

The Department has two branches and a research center.

The Head of the Department is Yuriy P. Kuliabichev, Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Honored Worker of Sciences of the Russian Federation, Member of the International Informatization Academy.

Professor Yuriy P. Kuliabichev

For the long 30-years working experience the Department has embraced a team of skilled teachers, professors and associated professors, dedicated to their work and having vast experience in specialists training. The Department's graduates often join the teaching and research staff.

Directors and leading experts of research centers, banks, commercial organizations that implement the advanced innovation technologies in their work, also take part in education process: Yu. V. Borodakiy, Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Member of the Russian Academy of Science, Director General of the Systemprom Concern; V. V. Postnikov, Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Chief Research Scientist of the N. A. Dollezhal Research and Development Institute of Power Engineering (JSC NIKIET).